GLW has developed a reputation for creative, practical, and functional land planning and design solutions that will integrate a new project into the fabric of the existing community.  Project success comes from a team approach employing open collaboration with our clients to balance their development program with innovative plans that meet local regulatory requirements.  We are process oriented and prepare land use, engineering and environmental feasibility studies to realize a property’s highest and best use.

Clarksburg Towncenter Plan
  •  We are committed to utilizing practical engineering practices and modern land planning principals to result in practical, sustainable and environmentally responsible design.
  •  Identify key components of a property’s potential to guide our designers toward an efficient, economical and marketable solution.
  •  We have developed and continually maintain effective collaboration among multiple stakeholders including residential communities, private developers, and state and local reviewing agencies throughout the region.

Planning Services

  • Land Use and Development Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary Utility, Grading , Earthwork Studies
  • Conceptual Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Density Studies
  • Entitlement Services – Re-zoning, Special Exceptions, Special Permits, and Special Use
  • Preliminary Site Planning
  • Illustrative Renderings
  • Zoning Cases

Planning Process

When it comes to planning, some common challenges include:

  • Environmental Impact
  • Regulatory Challenge (Codes and Zoning)
  • Development realities coupled with Financial Constraints

GLW is able to solve these challenges through our experience in:

  • Marrying a creative design with balancing the development and financial constraints
  • Understanding local markets but having regional vision

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